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Summer Schedule

Get Connected. Go Deeper.

High school- Going into 9th- Exiting 12th

May 25- Fellowship Hall- Ice Cream/ SpikeBall/ 9 Square- 7:30- 8:30
June 15th- Washspot- Hangout- 7:00- 8:30                                        
June 25-29th- CIY
July 10- Church Swim Night- 7:00- 9:00  
July 13th- Willow Creek Park- Food/ Hangout- 6:00- 7:30
August 10th- TBA- Food/ Hangout- 6:00- 730

Middle School- Entering 6th- Entering 8th

June 8th- Fellowship Hall- Ice Cream/ Spikeball/ 9 Square
July 6th- Washspot- Hangout- 7:00- 8:30
July 10th- Church Swim Night- 7:00- 9:00
July 18-20th- Camp Como
August 24th- Fellowship Hall- Ice Cream- 7:00- 9:00

Youth meeting times


Sunday School Class
We study topics and issues that help students grow in their walk with Christ. 


September - April:
Engage Middle School: Wednesday at 6:00pm Engage High School: youth groups
 Sunday at 6:00pm

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